COVID-19 Vaccine information

COVID-19 Vaccine information
(Updated 12/29/20)

We have applied to be a site for the COVID-19 vaccine. However, at this moment, we have only been told that the application has been accepted, with no timeline for when this may begin.

The most recent communication from the DC Department of Health implies that DC is still administering in Phase 1a, which is for healthcare workers. Initially, this was only administered in hospitals, but has been expanded to pharmacies, still only for healthcare workers. The most recent letter suggests that there are 115,000 healthcare workers and nursing home residents, and that DC is only receiving 9,500 doses a week. This implies that expanding the vaccine to the general public may be months down the road, and that private practices like ours will not be able to administer the vaccine for quite some time.

We realize this is frustrating, but we are doing our best to get this vaccine to our patients, many of whom have conditions that would make them more prone to severe infections with COVID-19.

For information from the DC Department of Health, visit